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The basic driving force of Kenweb360 is the awareness that websites can evolve, transcend to unbelievably impressive forms, and keep doing so endlessly.

The reason why majority of the websites seen today are cluttered and disjoint is something very obvious, it is just that sadly; most designers are conveniently closing their eyes at it. The reason for these websites not catching up with time and not staying at par with other technologies around them is the fact that they are still developed through outdated procedures. Still stuck to the old print era patterns, link driven table of contents and page formats, they do the gross mistake of not capitalizing on the inherent opportunities of the digital medium they exist in. This scenario definitely calls in for a new breed of websites, websites that are smarter, websites that are stronger.

Kenwebs : A new breed of websites.

They are genus of websites which are smooth, expressive, goal-based, perceptive and as instinctively satisfying as the coolest mobile applications around. So what are the traits of a Kenweb which makes it different from a conventionally made website? Below are a few of them.

Kenweb have a tale to tell:

Kenwebs are highly communicative. Every Kenweb website is like a nonstop speaker, it keeps telling the visitors about what it stands for and the story of the person/business/idea that it represents. When a visitor just takes a quick look around your Kenweb, it communicates to him exactly what you want to tell him.

Kenwebs involves the user :

Kenwebs use innovation and intuitive feedback methods to obtain wholesome user responses rather than usual mechanical ones. They engage and excite the users with sensible textures and contexts. Traits such as drawers that open and close on the page evoke instinctive, enjoyable responses and provide room for users to try out and travel within the framework of the overall website representation. Involving with users not just rationally, but on an emotional level means Kenwebs create engagement, interest, repeated use and drive conversion, thus setting off word of mouth publicity.

Kenweb are designed for desired results:

Kenwebs’ tell-a-tale design leads to a desired foreseeable outcome. Spanning right through triggering more sign-ups, selling, or launching a product or business, the design and composition of Kenwebs support the narrative route of the customer ride .For users familiarized to high-speed connections and long-scroll experiences in mobile apps, Kenwebs’ hassle free design clears the way for the visitor so that they can enjoy the smooth course and achieve their purpose.

Kenwebs are sensitive:

In a conventional web design system, data is almost out of control. By providing loads of data without context, the viewer is forced analyze in order to make improvements to site performance. In most cases, the analytics create more questions than answers and provide no obvious conceivable steps on how to improve. Kenwebs, being goal-oriented, change this dynamic by having crystal clarity about what should be happening on the site so as to get results. The Checkpoints provide a clear view into the visitor’s passage and tips on where to alter so as to enhance the outcomes. Differing from typical web metrics, which are usually separate entities from the website, Kenwebs are equipped with superior analytics to help the website owner recognize what is really happening on the site. In short, every Kenweb is smart enough to give proactive analytics that help get better results.

Kenwebs excel by design:

You should be able to represent your business/work online in a way that boosts your confidence, creates worth, and is economical. Effective designs should be open to everyone relevant. Template sites or poorly designed sites marketed using local yellow pages don’t work anymore. Kenwebs, being built on flexible, open source libraries, are easy to work upon, so that data-driven observations can result in swift site improvements. Using CSS, JavaScript and HTML, Kenwebs can be easily updated and handled by the web owners. Making use of open source standards and trouble-free designs, Kenwebs remain affordable, even with the matchless interaction that gives them their superior edge.

Kenwebs start where usual websites stop:

Kenweb is an idea that we believe will drive the whole concept of web technology forward. Kenwebs are all about smarter design. It’s about being aware of user expectations and about the possibilities around us hidden in smarter use of browser technology, screen sizes, bandwidth and behaviors to discover a superior road ahead. Kenwebs are here to change the whole notion of websites for better.

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  • Web Design & Development

    The Responsive Slider with Advanced CSS3 Transitions

    Kenweb Web Design and Development
  • Web Analytics

    Create unique sliders using CSS3 transitions

    Model 2
  • Responsive Web Design

    Supports modern browsers, old browsers (IE7+), touch devices and responsive designs

    Model 3
  • Web Design & Development

    The Responsive Slider with Advanced CSS3 Transitions

    Kenweb Web Design and Development
  • Web Analytics

    Create unique sliders using CSS3 transitions

    Model 2
  • Responsive Web Design

    Supports modern browsers, old browsers (IE7+), touch devices and responsive designs

    Model 3

Kenweb look excellent on any given device

Kenweb is completely responsive. It can identify the type of device from which it is being used and function accordingly. So regardless of whether the visitor is on a Smartphone or a tablet, Ken web settle in flexibly and delivers optimal user experience.

Kenweb is quick

14 days are all you need so as to get your customized Kenweb designed, developed and ready to go.



We discuss with you every aspects of your objective so that we have a clear picture of your requirements.


Project flagoff

Review the requirements and structure the working strategy.


Design Phase One

We provide complete design options for you to review and choose from.


Design Phase two and approval

We get response from your team ,make essential changes and get your approval.



We develop the complete website based on your requirements.



UAT, or user acceptance testing involves the end-user testing of the system to guarantee that the system is working as per your requirement and has all the features you wanted.


Go Live

When you are satisfied with the final version of the product and have approved the
effectiveness of the solution, Kenweb360 starts a stringent 'go-live' procedure and the
Kenweb goes on air for open usage.