"My Tree Challenge" @ Kenprimo

When the "My Tree Challenge" wave triggered the planting of thousands of trees all over the Indian land, what it planted in our minds was a new thought, a very very strong thought. What is that thought?

"If random individuals inspired by the momentum given by a good hearted celebrity could green this country up this much even in the absence of any organized agenda and without any disciplined supervision, shouldn't we imagine the magnitude of greenery that can be splashed here if individuals are replaced by companies with large head counts and the unsupervised random movement is replaced by a disciplined and organized one?"

The moment this possibility hit us, Team KENPRIMO decided to take the first step by making sure that each one of our employees plant a tree and create a page in our official website namely the My Tree Page having the pictures of each and every staff of our team planting their little tree.

  • Noushad
  • Sudhira
  • Aruna
  • Aneesh
  • Edison
  • Hema
  • Jincy
  • Shefeer
  • Athira
  • Geno